Monday, January 11, 2010

There and Back Again.

Once upon a time I went to the Rajasthan.

There were many sands there.

There was also a camels.

I rode on the camels backside with my mother and with my father.

They were very happy.

(I was driven by an irrepressible desire to smack the camel owner but that is beside the point)

We ate lot of bajra and saw many fort.

We sitted under tent and saw many pretty ladies dance around blazing fire with talent.

In Jaisalmer, my parent gifted me golden stone bowl.

Then I got up on a railway track and returned back home.


  1. The title.The post.The jazzness and the kewlness.
    'that's the way aha aha
    i like it aha aha...'

  2. Ar railway tracks facks e uthte hobe na.
    Have I ever told you of Bergram. Yes yes not bergman. Bergram. I must.
    This is very inspired,yes? Heeho!

  3. Thankyou very much, very kewl doods and female doods.
    I neeu Chhotu wood luv the taitail.

    Very close to my heart this is, Mr. L...Rajosthan is my favourie state after all. The very mention of it makes me want to run back there. Gah.

  4. You know, based on this post and a lot of other things, I think you're one cool character. Just a thought.

  5. The Indianness is an innovative experiment....ain't it an art to write like a 5 yr old at tyms...I really luv this.Reminds me of The Indian Poems by Ezekiel..try reading those.They r fun!!

  6. I still have fond sand-dust memories of Rajasthan...we wnt there bck in we hv sad memories of 2 accidnts there.

  7. Heehee!
    I also likes the camel. They are interesting type of species. Especially their upping and downing before going and after stopping respectively.

  8. Priyanka and Anushka are big stud-type geniuses. The latter will even have a camel called Sandy in a hundred years.

    DeepteshinFlames is a good boy who is also a genius. He gives me Ezekiel's poems. To read.

    I am very happy.