Monday, July 11, 2011

Momentous Discovery (1)

I suffer from prosopagnosia. Prosopagnosia is the eloquent's name for a disorder which causes an inability to remember faces. I obviously exaggerated when I wrote 'suffer'. On some days it is a blessing not being able to remember what one looks like. But even I could see the spooky similarity between the faces of Asin and Mania Akbari. Between who and who, you ask?

Asin is our very own. She has played second fiddle to two Khans in Ghajini and Ready and some other movie. Her surname of 'Thottumkal' has not hindered her in the least -- a fact you can check by watching an ad of Clinic All Clear shampoo.

Mania Akbari is Abbas Kiarostami's muse and protagonist in his 2002 film 'Ten' where she drove around Tehran through ten successive scenes and therefore became a part of one of Iranian cinema's most introspective products. She is the director of a sequel to 'Ten', called '10+4' which depicts her battles with cancer.

Asin and Akbari are almost alike.

There are very few pictures of Asin where she is not posing sleazily and very few pictures of Akbari in general and so I could not find any pictures where one was in a posture like the other.

I think this is a momentous discovery.