Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Birth of a Blog (affectionately called 'bloggie')

"There are several ways of committing suicide.
Producing a blog is not one of them."

Today. I thought I could do with a blog. The reasons being:

1)Peer pressure. To quote the Countess of Guile, 'Everyone has a blog'. Amen.
2)Further peer pressure. Read DeepteshInFlames.
3)I was walking down Bijon Shetu when a huge drop of rain hit my head and the sound it made sounded like a definite and solid 'blob' or yes yes, 'blog'.
4)The prospect of owning a site all to one's very own narcissistic self is very fulfilling. Still.
5)The Chelsea FC needs celebrating. And I will do just that. Here.

And so that's official. I have given in. I have lost all control. I blog.

Therefore I exist.


  1. Ah novel!Thanks for referring 2 me!I'm honoured!U hv got all the potentials to be the next best bloggie!n luved the wry humour in here!Hope u go a long way.

    PS:I luv ur blog!

  2. Deep Tess: You have no idea how happy seeing this makes me. NO idea.

  3. The Countess of Guile did not own one herself when she made the comment. Unwise, Unwise.