Tuesday, March 8, 2011



'I just overheard, Moumita Ghosh of 8B knows what 'fuck' means!'


'Believe me! Mother Father Red Cross!'

'Oh no! What will happen now? Don't tell Pallavi, she always tells everyone everything!'

'Arrey I wont but Moumita Ghosh knows! She SAID right in front of me that she knows! We have to stop talking to her! We cant talk to her anymore!'

'Okay, but first let's go and ask her what it means.'


'Now that your life sucks, Soumashree, I hope you will write a poem or two.'


The conversations (1) and (2) took place between the same two people with a gap of six years in between.


  1. Hurrah! You're back. Your writing is positively brilliant, I want more, I demand more! xxx

  2. Just read the comment over on mine! I should be in Goa next month (if the flight prices are cheap enough) so maybe a meet-up is possible. x

  3. Thank you for being so lovely, you're too kind! I will let you know the details of my trip when they are decided upon.
    I realise now that what I wrote here will make sense to only a very few people who are familiar with what has been happening around here, thus making it nothing more than unintelligible nonsense for the majority. For you to appreciate this is positively benign. You can count me as one of your biggest fans.

  4. i dunno why people judge me when i say that growing up is way overrated.