Saturday, May 1, 2010

O Santa,

I want sneakers that fit.
I want a room where the walls will be covered with Venetian Secession style drawings.
I want a chin piercing.
I want to go to Mongpu with my best friend.
I want to be praised endlessly for my skills.
I want to be able to paint.
I want a gramophone.
I want you to think that I am a very good person who has only good intentions in her heart but sometimes comes across as a very rude and self-centered and manipulative and disgusting individual.
I want Oasis to get back together.
I want to write dark poems which have words like 'my lips bleed when I utter your name' and suchlike.
इ वांट तो स्पेअक फ़्लुएन्त हिंदी
I want to live inside the First Year classroom.
I want a pet dog.
I want wit.


  1. 'Ee want toh spayawk'-Oh yes.This skill you need.
    And about living inside the first year classroom.You'll make do with 'Little Looloo'?The horror of it.

  2. Blogger self-translates from Angrezee, you idiot thing.